Roles and Responsibilities


Nothing is worse than going to a shift and not understanding your role and responsibilities.

Don’t worry…we’ve got your back! Check out our list of Roles and Responsibilities across the Event Security sector.

11407310_985525228132453_2988244390718534532_n1. Support and assist event day staff, partners and contractors on every level to ensure the team works as one

2. Respond to all emergency messages and announcements quickly and effectively

3.  Identify individuals who are breaking ground regulations

4. Health & safety of all categories of spectators


SIA Operatives
sia-operatives1. Support staff by managing crowds & queues.

2. Observing behaviour & dealing with conflict.

3. Decide who to allow into the venue.

4. Prevent the entering of individuals who are deemed unacceptable.

5. Search individuals for the possession of illegal substances/objects.

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