Physical Intervention

Think you know your Physical Intervention?

With our SIA Courses kicking off this week, we thought we’d shine a light on one of the most important areas when being a licenced SIA Operative…Physical Intervention!!

What is Physical Intervention?
Physical Intervention is the use of direct or indirect force (bodily, physical or mechanical) to limit another person’s movement. Physical Intervention is also the considered selection and application of a technique to protect, self & others from harm.

Physical Intervention should only be utilised if all other options have either failed or are likely to fail and if it is not possible to withdraw. If not used as a last resort, it can increase the risk of harm to a victim, aggressor and even members of public. It can also result in the prosecution of staff if use of force was unnecessary, excessive or in other was unlawful. It can also lead to allegations against staff and potentially loss of licence and/or equipment.

What are the implications to Physical Intervention?

There are many implications to Physical Intervention…for example:

  • Potential Arrest – assault/affray
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Suspension of licence
  • Charged with a criminal offence (Criminal Justice Act 1967)
  • Civil claim from the injured party



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