Dog Handling

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The Knights Group work in partnership with industry experts in supplying security dogs as a means of being a deterrent if not used to protect and other specialist dogs used to sniff out explosives, drugs or money.

Our experienced professional dog handlers can provide contract and emergency cover for the private sector, public services, government and international security agencies. We can provide drug and bomb sniffing dogs and / or security patrol dog & handler teams for any event or location.

Testimonial: Knights Group recently supplied a dog to search back stage at a U2 concert in London. Although this was in a major stadium with a lot of pre event working staff around and rehearsals going on, the dog and its handler never once got in the way and it was fascinating to see the dog in action looking for explosives. Great dog, great customer services and great service thank you. – Gary Laidlaw manager


Testimonial: The Knights Group provided a drug detection dog for the Katie Price and Alex Reid’s wedding. The aim of the dog was to ensure the whole day was free of drugs in the venue and any area associated with the wedding day. Although no drugs were found their presence not only proved to be a good deterrent but as the handler was smart in his suit both him and the dog looked very impressive. – David Bates security supervisor