Manned Guarding

Knights Group offer a static solution that provides manned guards to your property 27/7

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Need security to control access points to your premises? Or do you require static security guards for corporate premises? Knights Group can provide you with the professional image.

Our manned guarding officers are equipped to tailor their expertise to a range of facilities. This ensures that your staff, clients, premises and valuables are constantly protected.

A vital part of our manned guards’ duties is to conduct regular and thorough security patrols. One of the popular misconceptions is that our security officers patrol to catch intruders. In reality, due to the security measures we have already put in place, intrusions are rare.

Manned Guarding Patrols:

The main reasons for security patrols are:

•   To prevent fire, flood and damage to your property.

•   To prevent waste of your company’s resources.

•   To prevent accidents.

•   To detect and prevent offences.

Knights Group Static Guards are ideally suited for deployment at strategic and sensitive locations, they are trained and equipped to perform key security functions including:

Security of materials and movement control
Gate operation and access control
Verification of identity
Anti-sabotage checks and vehicle inspection
Anti-theft and anti-pilferage checks
Guarding of vital installations
Static surveillance and intelligence gathering
Security and protection of IT assets and infrastructure
Guarding of cash and valuables
Traffic control and parking protection
Protection of offices, equipment and buildings
Front of House
System Monitoring

With a 24 control centre and mobile supervision as back up, the Knights Group officers are well placed to not only assist with routine tasks but to escalate their duties in the event of a major incident.

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