Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Officers & Plain Clothed Officers

Knights Group Security provide Loss Prevention security officers – both plain or undercover. There are various benefits of hiring Loss Prevention officers these could include; increasing the safety of your company to increasing your bottom line ROI to cut out criminal/illegal activity.

What Are The Additional Benefits?

External Threats
External threats includes any threats from outside the company or business, such as shoplifting or an organised threat/crime. Our operatives are trained to observe, identify and prevent threats from occurring within your business. This is done through an examination of patrons both in person and through the use of CCTV/video surveillance systems.

Internal Threats
Internal threats are directed towards employee thefts and trying to control the large numbers of internal security threats that happen every year. Our operatives are trained to observe employees, looking for suspicious activities and monitor their behaviour when working with a cash register or POS system. All activities are recorded to solve issues quickly and diligently.

Cost Effective
Loss Prevention is a measurable service in the security industry. All potential thefts and property recovered is documented efficiently and effectively. We provide our quantitative analysis to all clients via monthly/quarterly reports. This means you can easily monitor the cost-effectiveness of the Loss Prevention program.

Where Can I Use Loss Prevention Officers?

Retail Stores
Loss Prevention operatives can be used to blend in with other customers to help increase identification of shoplifters, problems with employees and/or other security breaches.

Plain clothes operatives can be used to break up employees’ theft rings in warehouse and retail outlets. Our operatives will go undercover to identify, report and stop any security issues.

Office Buildings
Loss Prevention operatives can be used to provide a professional stance to blend in with a corporate office structure. Loss Prevention at office buildings may also be combined with executive protection.

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