Our Consultants Combine Technical Security Knowledge With Operational Experience

Knights Group Security are in the position to call upon some of the very best consultants within the industry. Our team of security consultants combine technical security knowledge and operational security to deliver the best solutions to our clients. The security decisions you make today can determine your organisation’s security for years to come. Knights Group’s consultants can ensure you take a considered approach that is based on industry best practices as well as real-world experience.

Bespoke and Relevant

Knights Consultants realise that every project is different, either in requirements or risk. Our effort goes into understanding the full picture and offering solutions that are proportionate such as

·      Threat Assessment

·      Security Risk Assessment

·      Security strategy and policy

·      Development of detailed mitigation methodologies

·      Management of security design process including security design requirements

·      Stadium design

·      Festivals and green site events

·      Manage the selection and placement of security measures (RIBA)

·      Re-Assurance

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